Stockholm Ghost walk

Emily and I just got back from Gamla Stan. It was really cold outside so we were freezing when we finally got into the car after a one and a half hour long tour. We had a really fun time Gamla Stan. Not only did we get a great first idea about Swedish history and people, but the guide was really funny as well. He was dressed up as an old storyteller andwas  telling jokes all the time about how he thought Swedish people were weird because of how we act about the history. For example; apparently there was a grave full of bodies of people that had died out of the black death at the place where Gröna Lund is today. Some workers found the grave when they were building the amusement park but they didn’t mind it and continued building. This, the guide found really strange and clamed us swedes are brutal and horrific.

Ghost walk

In the end, we all had a really entertaining hour and a half, even though we were unfairly accused of being a rather strange group of people 😦




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